This film was part of the 2017 Camden International Film Festival

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Stranger in Paradise

In a classroom in Sicily, just inside the walls of Fortress Europe, recently arrived refugees receive lessons from a teacher (Valentijn Dhaenens) who has some rather unbalanced traits. One moment he mercilessly rejects the refugees – the next, mollifyingly, he embraces them. Operating at the intersection of documentary and fiction, Stranger in Paradise investigates the power relations between Europe and refugees.
Europe is represented by a teacher who drags his class of refugees down into his despair. A plea that borders on the immoral; a welcome charged with a guilt complex; and the compromise between these, made policy: Stranger in Paradise is an unflinching film essay on the mechanisms through which Europe tackles the refugees’ desire for happiness.

Film Details

Title: Stranger in Paradise
Year: 2016
Director: Guido Hendrikx
Producer: Frank van den Engel
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 72 mins
Category: Best of Fest

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