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Love Means Zero

At eighty-six, famed tennis coach Nick Bollettieri is a living legend. At his academy in Florida, he raised a generation of champions. Courier. Seles. Agassi. And many more. No other coach has matched his success, his dominance, or his fame. His greatness, though, came at a price. Eight marriages, financial upheaval, and a dramatic break with his surrogate son and cherished student, Andre Agassi. LOVE MEANS ZERO tells the story of this celebrated yet controversial coach, and explores the cost of his all-consuming drive for greatness.

Film Details

Title: Love Means Zero
Year: 2017
Director: Jason Kohn
Producer: Amanda Branson Gill, Jason Kohn, Anne White, Jill Mazursky and David Styne
Country: USA
Runtime: 89 mins
Category: Features

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