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House in the Fields

House in the Fields is a film that examines the life of an isolated rural Amazigh community in the south- west region of the High Atlas Mountains.

The thousand-year history of the Amazigh in Morocco has been, for the most part, recounted, preserved and transmitted by bards and storytellers in oral form among Tamazight speaking pastoral communities. House in the Fields continues this tradition of transmission, in an audiovisual form, in an attempt to faithfully document and present a portrait of a village and community that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years despite being confronted with the rapidly changing sociopolitical realities of the country at large.

The film follows the lives’ of certain villagers, most specifically two teenage sisters, one who must give up school to prepare for her wedding, and the other who dreams of being a lawyer.

House in the Fields is the first part of a triptych set in Morocco, that starts in the Atlas Mountains, journeys through Casablanca and finishes beyond the borders.

Film Details

Title: House in the Fields
Year: 2017
Director: Tala Hadid
Producer: Tala Hadid, Larbi Idmansour
Country: Morocco, Qatar
Runtime: 86 mins
Category: Features

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