This film was part of the 2017 Camden International Film Festival

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How To Make A Pearl

Some people seem to live in a figurative darkness. Due to a medical condition, John Kapellas exists in literal darkness. For ten years he has been confined within the walls of his apartment suffering from a condition known as “photosensitivity.” Both a visual artist and a musician, John's creativity is the engine propelling him through a seemingly endless night.

In How To Make A Pearl, Jason Hanasik takes the audience into a unique world of contemplation, isolation and ultimately an understanding of John’s contentment. Via creative filmmaking and the use of John’s own home videos, audiences enter two vastly contrasting worlds of one man’s life history.

Film Details

Title: How To Make A Pearl
Year: 2017
Director: Jason Hanasik
Producer: Jason Hanasik, Executive Producers: Minette Nelson, Charlie Phillips
Country: United States
Runtime: 22 mins
Category: Shorts

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