This film was part of the 2017 Camden International Film Festival

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Funeral for a 747 (VR)

Each year, hundreds of airplanes reach the end of their lives and are crushed for scrap metal. At a facility in Arizona, a group of “undertakers” carries out this final act for a Boeing 747. The workers there endure blazing temperatures and dangerous conditions to disassemble the colossal machines, ripping apart jets most people only ever see flying safely through the sky.

Witness this spectacular destruction and rebirth of an airliner in 360-degree virtual reality, directed by two-time Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker Marshall Curry.

Film Details

Title: Funeral for a 747 (VR)
Year: 2017
Director: Marshall Curry
Producer: Gary Hustwit, Jarrard Cole
Country: United States
Runtime: 10 mins
Category: Storyforms

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