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Notes To My Father (VR)

Notes To My Father is a story of love, grief and reconciliation, between a survivor of child trafficking and her father.
Flooded by past memories of an adolescence spent in an Indian brothel, Ramadevi pens a letter to her father, who unintentionally played a role in his daughter’s ordeal.
Though close now; they have never discussed what happened to her as a teenager. Through a touching letter, Ramadevi reaches out to her father. She wants to address and heal the silence between them, in the hope that her own young daughter, is saved from a similar fate.
Notes To My Father is a virtual reality experience which uses a mix of verbatim theatre and documentary storytelling techniques. The lead protagonists are played by a survivor and her father. The film touches on memory and trauma and how these can shape rather than define our lives. It is ultimately a story of survival and an ode to resilience and hope. Notes To My Father is the world’s first live capture VR expererience on sex trafficking.

Film Details

Title: Notes To My Father (VR)
Year: 2017
Director: Jayisha Patel
Producer: Jayisha Patel, Amy Seidenwurm, Paula Culeo, Tiffany Kieran
Country: USA, UK
Runtime: 9 mins
Category: Storyforms

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