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The Art of Making Money2017-05-23T13:39:45-04:00

Project Description

The Art of Making Money

Two Danish artists with similar thematic focuses live completely different philosophies. Lars Kraemmer, creates The International Bank of Art Money which only accepts original art works, that he fixes at 200 Danish Kroner each, into its vaults, while Artpusher retools currency and lets the the free market decide its value. Lars has gifted his children more than a quarter of a million Danish Kroner in art money knowing full well that the it may become completely irredeemable.

Date: September 14-18

Time: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Location: Storyforms Barn, 21 Winter St., Rockland

Film Details


Nathan Truesdell


J. Gonçalves, AJ Schnack


United States

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