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Nearly 45% of our annual income is made up of donations from community members like you! Your gift will go to work immediately to provide more opportunities for the next generation of documentary filmmakers to find their voices. Join Points North Institute as we inspire, nurture, and celebrate creative nonfiction storytellers while strengthening Maine communities through innovative and impactful documentary film and media art.

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We are deeply grateful for the community of support that has made this year’s Points North Institute programs possible. Every dollar helps us continue bringing hundreds of filmmakers to Maine for screenings while also support them in getting their projects across the finish line and seen by audiences around the world.

DIAMOND ($25,000 and above)
Ann and Dick Costello
Mazie Cox and Brinkley Thorne

GOLD ($10,000 and above)
Lisa Kleiner Chanoff
The Cascade Foundation
Mary Saltonstall and John K. Hanson Jr.
Tara Marchionna and Tim Messler
Caroline and Wayne Morong
Gayle and David Noble

SILVER ($5,000 and above)

Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams
Gail and John Bertuzzi
Lucinda Ziesing and Des FitzGerald
Robyn and Bob Metcalfe
Messler Family Foundation
Susan and George Schreiber
Robert Shotwell
Larry and Kimberly Sterrs
William Stetson III and Jane Watson Stetson
Lucinda Watson

BRONZE ($2,500 and above)
Charles Altschul
Noni and Charlton Ames

David Barry
Courtney and ShawnButerbaugh
Sylvia de Leon and Lynn Coleman
Tess and Jacob Gerritsen
Emily and Jonathan McDevitt
Paul Cavalli and Jack McKenney
Barbara Moran
Elizabeth Noble and Colin Page
Liv Rockefeller and Ken Shure
JP and Kaki Smith
Anne and John Surovek
Susan Taylor
Louis Venezia
Ron Stern and Elisse Walter

PATRON ($1,000 and above)
Anne & Craig Battle
Sally and Tony Grassi
Tamara and Robin Lloyd
Suzanne and Doug Kahn
Cabot and Heidi Lyman
Patrisha McLean
Fred Moon
Jula and Paul Sampson
Marilyn Moss Rockefeller

SUSTAINER ($500 and above)
Thomas and Mary Amory
Jeanne and Peter Bowen
Carlisle Towery and Susan Deutsch
Karen and Clark Doran
David Grant
Leah Hurley
Jan Pendleton and Steve Kahn
Skip Klein
Darrell and Oivind Lorentzen III
Amy Lowry
Pat Messler
Joan and Graham Phaup
Rick Rector
Cig Harvey and Doug Stradley

FRIEND (up to $499)
Kit and Richard Aroneau
Deborah and Jeffrey Dodge
Joan FitzGerald
Sharon Fowlie
Michael Grillo
York-Chi and Stephen Harder
Hannah Pingree and Jason Mann
Hugh McKellar
Judy Stein

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