Points North

Thank you to our 2019 CIFF Summer Preview Party Host Committee!

Charles Altschul

David Barry

Gail Catharine & John Bertuzzi

Bridget Besaw & Alex Amit

Stephanie L. Brown

Courtney & Shawn Buterbaugh

Ann & Dick Costello*

Sylvia de Leon & Lynn Coleman*

Betsy Eby & Bo Bartlett

Terry & Jacob Gerritsen

Steven Koltai & Ivan Zizek

Darrell & Øivind Lorentzen

Cabot & Heidi Lyman

Emily & Jonathan McDevitt*

Frederick Moon

Elizabeth Noble & Colin Page*

Gayle & David Noble*

Lars Perkins & Susan McConnell

Rick & Karin Rector

Liv Rockefeller & Ken Shure

Mary R. Saltonstall & John K. Hanson Jr.*

Judy Sandler & Skip Klein

J.P. & Kaki Smith*

Ron Stern & Elisse Walter

Susan G. Taylor

Bob & Wendy Weiler

Rufus & Susan Williams*

Lucinda Ziesing & Des FitzGerald*

*Points North Institute Founding Members

The CIFF Summer Preview Party is our only fundraiser of the year. Our generous supporters make it possible for us to produce one of the world’s leading documentary film festivals and keep it accessible to our local community. You can help us build community through nonfiction storytelling with a gift today!


If you missed the CIFF Summer Preview Party, check out Sinkane’s newest single, Everybody:



What is the Camden International Film Festival?

Each September, the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) brings the most adventurous new nonfiction films from around the world to the coast of Maine. CIFF champions creative and cinematic approaches to telling real, vital, and timely stories. The festival is one of the country’s largest documentary industry gatherings and an influential platform for discovering new talent, providing financial support and mentorship for 30+ documentary projects each year.  CIFF will celebrate its 15th edition from September 12-15, 2019.

What is the CIFF Summer Preview Party?

The CIFF Summer Preview Party is a fundraising event, but it’s unlike any fundraiser you’ve experienced. We create a microcosm of the “CIFF Experience”: a transcendent evening of film, music, art, and conversation, building community through the power of nonfiction storytelling.

What is CIFF After Dark?

If you’ve gone to a CIFF party then you know that our crews spend weeks transforming spaces into elaborate sets, collaborating with installation artists and filmmakers to create a container for some of the festival circuit’s wildest and most memorable events.


Charles Altschul
Gail Catharine & John Bertuzzi
Keith & Mary Collins
Ann & Dick Costello
Mazie Cox & Brinkley Thorne
Tamara & Robin Lloyd
Emily & Jonathan McDevitt
Elizabeth Noble & Colin Page
Gayle & David Noble
Liv Rockefeller & Ken Shure
Polly Saltonstall & John Hanson


The Summer Preview Party is our only fundraiser, and there are three ways to show your support:

1) If you’re interested in making a contribution to Points North / CIFF, please support our Annual Fund.
Donations of $500 or more receive tickets to the Summer Preview Party and All Access passes to the 2018 Camden International Film Festival.

Supporters giving $2500 or more become part of the “Bronze Antler” herd – hosts of the Summer Preview Party. See our Donor Benefits graph for full details.

2) To attend the Summer Preview Party only, you can buy tickets online.
Tickets are $125 per person and include admission to AfterDark.

3) To attend AfterDark only, purchase your tickets here.
AfterDark begins at 9:00pm. Tickets are $15 each. Tickets are limited and available online only — no walk ups. Get yours before they sell out!

George & Susan Schreiber
Robert  Shotwell
J.P. & Kaki  Smith
Marianne & Stuart Smith
Ron Stern & Elisse Walter
Susan Taylor
Lucinda Watson
Wendy & Bob Weiler
Rufus & Susan Williams
Tina Wolter & Geoff Duyk
Lucinda Ziesing & Des FitzGerald

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