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Our donors have helped us build one of the most respected platforms for documentary film in the world. Thank you!

Support at any level helps us continue to celebrate the art of nonfiction storytelling. Dedicated donors sustain the Points North Institute, making possible all of our programs, including the Camden International Film Festival. In addition to allowing us to program more than 100 documentary screenings every year, your gifts help us deliver our community programs across the region, support nearly 40 emerging artists with works-in-development each year, and curate the highest quality content for all of our screenings and immersive media exhibitions. Your generosity provides the platform for the most important stories of our time to find a voice and an audience.

As the Points North Institute grows, support from our Founding Members giving circle has built a solid foundation for us to invest more in year-round artist development and community programs. When we made the leap from being a weekend film festival to becoming a year-round institute in 2016, 20 generous donors invested in our programmatic expansion, putting us on a sustainable, long-term pathway as the launching pad for the next generation of nonfiction storytellers. Now we have the opportunity to go beyond exhibition and to support the creation of artful nonfiction stories that have the power to impact audiences far beyond Maine.

I hope Maine realizes that this is a jewel in the crown of this great state and we should support it with everything we’ve got and make sure it keeps its soul.

Nathaniel Kahn, Academy Award winning filmmaker, My Architect
One of the documentary filmmaking world’s most prestigious festivals.
Filmmaker Magazine

What we found in Camden was a community of filmmakers and film enthusiasts who helped foster creativity, conversation and collaboration, all set against the backdrop of an incredible town.

Aman Ali, Co-Director, TWO GODS




2018 Individual Donors

Thank you! We could not do it without your support.

$25,000 – $49,999
Ann & Dick Costello

$10,000 – $24,999
Katie McGrath & J.J. Abrams
Gail Catharine & John Bertuzzi
Mazie Cox & Brinkley Thorne
Evelyn & Gerry Isom
Gayle & David Noble
Mary R. Saltonstall & John K. Hanson Jr.
Robert Shotwell
J.P. & Kaki Smith

$5,000 – $9,999
Courtney & Shawn Buterbaugh
Lisa Kleiner Chanoff
Tara Marchionna & Tim Messler
Dyke Messler
Robyn & Robert Metcalfe
Caroline & Wayne Morong
Elizabeth Noble & Colin Page
Susan & George Schreiber
Lawrence J. & Kimberly Sterrs
William Stetson III & Jane Watson Stetson
Lucinda Watson
Lucinda Ziesing & Des FitzGerald

$2,500 – $4,999
Liz and Lance Ahearn
Charles Altschul
David Barry
Stephanie Brown
Keith & Mary Collins
Sylvia de Leon & Lynn Coleman
Keith & Mary Collins
Henrik Jones
Tamara & Robin Lloyd
Darrell & Oivind Lorentzen III
Heidi & Cabot Lyman
Emily & Jonathan McDevitt
Cynthia & John Reed
Liv Rockefeller & Kenneth Shure
Marianne & Stuart Smith
Ron Stern & Elisse Walter
Susan Taylor
Tina Wolter & Geoffrey Duyk

$1,000 – $2,499
Noni & Charlton Ames
Douglas Bergman
Bridget Besaw
Betsy Eby & Bo Bartlett
Terry & Jacob Gerritsen
Sally & Tony Grassi
Suzanne & Doug Kahn
Skip Klein
Alexandra Ames Lawrence & James Lawrence
Andrea Meditch
Lars Perkins & Susan McConnell
Rick Rector
Marilyn Moss Rockefeller
Jula & Paul Sampson
Louis Venezia
Susan & Rufus Williams

$500 – $999
Thomas & Mary Amory
Kit & Richard Aroneau
Paige & Mark Blake
Paul Cavalli & Jack McKenney
Karen & Clark Doran
Jon Fishman & Briar Lyons
Cig Harvey & Doug Stradley
Leah Hurley
Sal & Steven Kydd
Fay Larkin
Jan Pendleton & Steve Kahn
Mike & Missy Perlis
Paul & Meg Quijano
Paul & Marty Rogers
Judy Stein
Carlisle Towery & Susan Deutsch
Caroline von Kühn
Ellie & Jeff Willmann

$10 – $499
Cecilia Aldarondo
Jane Babbitt
Joanne Bander
Meg Barclay & John Scholz
Carolina Borras
Ann & Rick Bresnahan
Ellen Brodsky
Mark Brodsky
Carey Cameron
Mary P. Chatfield
Kerry & Bruce Claflin
Maia Danziger & Michael Pressman
Deborah & Jeffrey Dodge
Deborah Ellis
David Fletcher
Ben Fowlie
Chris & Janice Gates
Jessica Goldfin & Sean Flynn
Claudia & Michael Griffiths
Michael Grillo
Joanna Hampton
Ryan Harrington
Sita Hellerich & Chris Michael
Lydia & Dick Kaeyer
Kelsey Johnson
Molly & Frederic Kellogg
Gabriel Kristal
Lauren Kushner
Mary Lampson
Harrah Lord
Amy Lowry
Suzette McAvoy
Pat Messler
Fred Moon
Alexandra Morrow
Taylor Mudge
Brian Newman
Meghan O’Hara
Whitney Wing Oppersdorff
Patricia O’Toole
Emily Peckham
Jane Elizabeth Peckham
Leslie Peckham
Joan Phaup
Kavita Pillay
Cecily Pingree
Joshua Louis Simon
Mariella Smith-Masters & Tom Rodman
Jeff Tucker & Len Kizner
Gary Urich
Jonah Velasco
Catherine Weiss
Meg Weston
Sheila & Richard White



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