A Climate Calamity In The Gulf: Acid In The Gulf

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Hanji Chang, Andy O'brien | 5min | USA

The Art of Making Money

Nathan Truesdell | United States

Commodity City

Jessica Kingdon | United States


Eleanor Mortimer | United Kingdom

Some Days You’re The Dog, Some Days You’re The Tree

Chelsea Moynehan, Andrew Moynehan | United States

Printed Circuit


Not far from Los Angeles, lies the unfinished California City. In this grid of thousands of crumbling streets, former LA gang members try to reinvent themselves, while being constantly haunted by their turbulent past.

The Mountain and the Magic City


The Mountain and the Magic City In the shadow of a northern mountain, a place once known as The Magic City stands on the brink of collapse, abandoned by industry and torn apart by a national park that threatens to unite or divide it. This is the story of what happens when the American dream [...]

A Taste of Sky


A Taste Of Sky In the dizzying heights of Bolivia's capital of La Paz a gastronomical revolution is offering the possibility of hope to the country’s impoverished youth. We follow the trials and tribulations of GUSTU, the innovative cooking school and world-class restaurant of South America's poorest country. Date: 5/13/2016 Time: 5:30pm Location: Points [...]

Midnight Family


Midnight Family The Ochoa family operates a for-profit, independent ambulance in Mexico City. When they hear of an emergency over their illegal police radio, they rush to the scene with twin motives: saving lives and getting paid. Date: 5/13/2016 Time: 5:30pm Location: Points North Campus Schedule

The Feeling Of Being Watched


The Feeling Of Being Watched A filmmaker digs into tales of surveillance inside her Arab neighborhood in Chicago’s south suburbs and discovers that her hometown was the subject of the largest FBI terrorism investigation conducted before 9/11. The Feeling of Being Watched follows a filmmaker’s personal journey to discover the truth about why her community [...]